The 6 main points that show the importance of Digital Marketing for companies

In addition to all the online visibility, other factors show the importance of Digital Marketing: talk to the right people, spend less and be sure of the results

Thousands of Brazilian companies have already understood the importance of Digital Marketing. At Resultados Digitais alone, there are more than 20 thousand customers who are investing resources in the internet and reaping good results from this investment, spending less than in traditional methods.

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis further accelerated the Digital Transformation processes. In our Panorama PMEs survey, 85.6% of the companies indicated that Content Marketing, one of the pillars of Digital Marketing, would be essential for the resumption of business.

In the same survey, 70.9% of companies said they would need to improve their Marketing and Sales processes. Combining these two data, we realize that Digital Marketing is the path that many companies will take going forward. Is this your case?

Analyzing this scenario, we need to talk about it and show how Digital Marketing can contribute to the development of a business. We understand that doubts can arise as you are now starting to walk this path.

Therefore, we will show in this post 6 points that prove the value and importance of Digital Marketing for companies. Keep reading to learn why this strategy will help you grow.

What is Digital Marketing?

First of all, you might want to have a clear definition of what Digital Marketing is. So let’s get to it, taken from our epic page on the topic, which we strongly recommend reading:

Digital Marketing is a set of information and actions that can be done in different digital media in order to promote companies and products.

The application possibilities are multiple, but there are some strategies and techniques that are most used by the vast majority of businesses. That’s because they consistently bring positive results. Are they:

  • Content Marketing ;
  • Email Marketing ;
  • Social Networks ;
  • Conversion Optimization ;
  • Search Marketing.

Virtually everything you know about internet marketing is included in these 5 major fronts. It’s all there: blogs, videos, Facebook, Google, Integra, newsletters, WhatsApp, Gmail and much more!

The combination of best practices in these strategies generates great results for thousands of companies. See below some points that demonstrate the importance of Digital Marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing important for companies?

We have separated 6 reasons for you to better understand the importance of Digital Marketing for your business. Are they:

  1. Ensuring a strong internet presence
  2. Build a Qualified Audience
  3. Talk to the right audience at the right time
  4. Get ahead of the competition
  5. Invest little to get started
  6. Analyze results accurately

Now, let’s detail each of these reasons:

1. Ensuring a strong internet presence

When you have a problem or a question, what do you do? If your answer is: I look it up on Google, know that you are not alone.

Google is the largest online search engine in the world. A good investment in Digital Marketing can help your company appear in the results and be found, greatly reducing the cost of acquiring customers.

Not only when someone is looking for a solution that your company offers, but also when someone is looking for your own company. Have you ever felt frustrated when searching for a business on Google or Facebook and not finding it?

Having a digital presence today is critical. And if the customer is looking for your company and can’t find it on the internet, chances are he won’t get in touch with you.

Of course, digital presence goes beyond search engines and social media. A website with its own domain is the minimum your company needs to have a good digital presence.

2. Build a Qualified Audience

How do you relate to your audience today? Do you know who your customers are? Your consumption habits? Your behaviors? Your professions?

Another important point of Digital Marketing for companies is the fact that you can build an audience that really wants to consume your product/solution and relate to them until they get their loyalty.

Digital Marketing allows you to attract people who are really interested and fit with your product/solution.

In addition, you can organize these contacts, whether through registered emails, newsletter subscribers or even followers on social networks. Over time, this audience will become a critical asset to the company.

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3. Talk to the right audience at the right time

In the topic above, we talked about building the right audience. However, Digital Marketing makes it possible to go further and not only build the right audience, but communicate with them at the right time.

Unlike offline marketing, where it is often impossible to specify exactly which audience you are talking to, Digital Marketing enables a much more precise level of targeting of your audience.

It is also possible to create more than one audience and segment the communication for each type of audience. With the tools on the market, it became easy to monitor user activities and profiles.

Thus, it is possible to very specifically target the people to whom you want to advertise a product, service or content. This allows you to customize your marketing actions and campaigns much more.

For example, if you segmented your actions to owners of small markets, this allows you to make content and campaigns that respond to the doubts and pains specific to that segment. As a result, your audience will identify much more with your actions, and so the results tend to be much better.

You know that email campaign you get that has nothing to do with what you need? Or that flyer you got in your mailbox that features a product you’ve already bought?

These communication errors are often costly, and with Digital Marketing you can avoid them.

4. Get ahead of the competition

As we talked about in the introduction to this article, many companies are just waking up to the importance of Digital Marketing. This shows that if you start investing today, you will still differentiate yourself from most of your competitors.

We’ve already talked here on the blog, in the post 5 benefits of Digital Marketing for small businesses + cases for you to get inspired, that Digital Marketing is the best option for companies that need growth.

Your company can differentiate itself from the competition by creating good content that helps the customer to identify and solve their problems. Imagine that you are looking for a solution and you still don’t have references.

So, which company do you trust more: a company that has a good website, a good fanpage and a blog with free and valuable content, or a company that doesn’t have any of that?

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5. Invest little to get started

We are not implying that Digital Marketing is free. It is not. However, with the tools that exist today, with the high power of segmentation and with the most varied strategies for optimizing the site for search engines, investing in Digital Marketing has become much cheaper than investing in traditional media.

Over time, the price for offline marketing has become high. Advertising on television, radio, print media or billboards is expensive. It is a high investment and most companies, especially those that still have little revenue, cannot cope.

Digital Marketing, although it does require a minimum of investment, can be much cheaper than offline marketing. No wonder online marketing strategies also occupy a large part of the marketing strategies of large companies.

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6. Analyze results accurately

As we said above, Digital Marketing allows you to determine with much more precision who your audience is and what their tastes and preferences are. Likewise, it is possible to follow with the same precision the results of any Digital Marketing action.

Let’s use a flyer ad and an Email Marketing campaign as an example.

In the case of flyers, you even know how many pieces you printed, but you can’t know exactly how many were delivered, how many were actually read and how many generated sales for your company.

With the emails, you can have the exact access of how many people opened each one of them, how many clicked on some link and even how many made a purchase through this campaign.

The example is not limited to this type of campaign. You can extremely accurately monitor the behavior of users on your site, the performance of ads on Google, the results of a social media post, the user’s referral path to becoming a customer, and much more.

In this aspect, web analytics tools help a lot when measuring the smallest details of the results of Digital Marketing strategies.

Understand in practice the importance of Digital Marketing for your company

Now that you know the importance of Digital Marketing and how it can help your company grow, it’s time to put it into practice. Here at Resultados Digitais, we have a page of educational materials with more than 200 content that can help you to be successful on the internet — in addition to this blog, of course. 

But if you’re just starting out and need to get started, the best read is our Digital Marketing Kit for Beginners. It is a compilation of 7 contents that teach the essentials of Digital Marketing. Following the proposed order, you will understand the general concepts of this strategy and will be ready to apply it in your business, from planning to result analysis. 

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