11 quick Digital Marketing actions for you to apply as soon as possible

The year is not over yet and it is not too late for you to do some Digital Marketing actions. Check out what you can do today to generate some results, starting right after reading this post by Blue World City.

The end of the year is usually a time for hindsight. Review how the planning was carried out, find where there were mistakes and successes and take these experiences to the next year.

However, despite the fact that December is, for many companies, a month to spend much more time analyzing the year’s results and planning the next steps than executing actions, it is good to remember that this is not a month to stand still.

That’s why we’ve gathered in this post 11 quick Digital Marketing tips for you to apply in the short term. These are simple and effective tips that you can start using right after reading this post.

In summary, the 11 digital marketing actions are:

  1. Convert your audience’s email
  2. create an infographic
  3. Make your first ad on Facebook
  4. perform a live
  5. Create dynamic ads
  6. Promote AB Tests on Facebook Ads
  7. Adjust pages with high bounce rate
  8. Do research with customers after negotiation
  9. Listen more to the sales team
  10. train your team
  11. Evaluate your actions

Come on!


Content Marketing, by Vitor Peçanha

About Content Marketing, we spoke with Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of Rock Content.


1. If you already have an audience and don’t convert it to email, start converting it as soon as possible

Put newsletter capture forms on the sidebar; test the damned but super-efficient and super broken pop-ups; start generating your email base, your subscriber list, and your own audience and work it by email.

For this, nothing better than creating nutrition streams within RD Station Marketing. With that, you can get a quick result.

2. Create an infographic on a topic related to your market

From a content point of view, if you are just starting out and want to have a quick win – remembering that this quick win has to be maintained later – at this point I would suggest you choose a theme that has a lot to do with your market and make one very cool infographic and give it a good publicity.

This will generate a good audience for you. It’s a peak, it’s not sustainable, but it’s the first step.

Facebook, by Camila Porto

About Facebook, we spoke with Camila Porto, one of the country’s leading experts in marketing on the largest social network in the world.


3. Create your first ad

See how it works and what kind of results you can generate with it, what it can do, how much it can spread your message. I think this is something that many people are afraid to invest in.

Create your first Facebook ad there, make a campaign the way you think is cool, put your first 10 reais there, see how it works and start identifying what opportunities you can bring to your business, so you can see the feeling that it is to make a campaign of your own and start running it.

Because it’s amazing how many people don’t know it’s possible to create Facebook ads, and even more so the fact that people don’t know how to create them.

4. Make a live on Facebook

It’s a little quick win you can have to see how the tool works. Today it is one of the tools that generate more engagement on Facebook.

So if you have a Facebook page, this is something I would suggest you do quickly. Next week – set a deadline for it – make your first live, go interact with your audience using this format. I believe that if you do it, you will become addicted and you will want to do it all the time like I do.

Paid Media, by Fábio Prado Lima

About Paid Media, we spoke with Fábio Prado Lima, founder and director of AdResults.


5. Create dynamic ads

Make use of dynamic ads, which Facebook called DPA (Dynamic Product Ads), and now just calls DA (Dynamic Ads). It is a dynamic ad from Facebook itself.

You go up the list of products from your e-commerce there. Obviously, there are some important settings to be done, but then you have a thousand products on your site.

Each person accesses different combinations of products on their website, so Facebook itself takes the products that the person visited and shows those products there in a dynamic ad, on a carousel.

It brings dynamism, it brings scale to the display of ads and, thinking of people in the funnel, that’s really cool. These are people who are more heated up for conversion because they have already accessed the site, they have already seen the product.

6. Perform A/B tests on Facebook ads

This technique consists of isolating variables and testing each group of settings that exist within Facebook and analyzing the reports. Because if you do A/B testing but don’t review reports, you’re going to be shooting in the dark. It’s that old “thinking in the data-driven marketing context”: analyzing the data to make a decision based on it.

So first, I’m going to test threads: which of the threads I tested was better? Oh, it was A.

So now I’m going to take this one and test it with various goals that I can use, Facebook campaign goals to achieve my marketing goal. Now I’m going to do an A/B test of images: which image gets the most clicks, the highest click-through rate, which brings the cheapest CPM (cost per thousand impressions), etc.

Anyway, when you do these A/B tests and analyze the reports, you will be optimizing your results. You get some suspicion, some hypothesis, and with A/B testing you have proof of what was better or not. You will discover what is best for your targeting.

How to do real estate marketing: traditional and digital

Conversion Optimization (CRO), by Rafael Damasceno

About Conversion Optimization (CRO) we spoke with Rafael Damasceno, founder of Supersonic.


7. Make adjustments to pages with a high bounce rate

Access your Google Analytics account and there, search for your main Landing Pages. On these pages you should analyze which of them have a bounce rate considerably above your site’s average.

Note: There is no bad or good bounce rate. This will vary depending on the purpose of the site, the market, etc.

However, if you analyze and realize that a particular Landing Page on your site is receiving a lot of visits and is having a bounce rate that is proportionately higher than your site’s average, this can often represent an opportunity.

With a few small adjustments, you can have an interesting impact on your final result.

8. Customer surveys after they finish dealing with you

This is something that everyone knows exists. Who has never received an email from an e-commerce company asking how was the experience with the product?

Yes, it seems like the most beat up and dumbest thing in the world, but I myself have had a lot of really good insights, which have a huge impact on conversion rate, simply by taking this post-purchase user experience.

Often the customer will tell you why he decided to close a deal with you and knowing this, it will be possible to repeat this experience to more people. Other times the customer will talk about what made him a little upset or what even annoyed him, and by correcting this you can recover many people who probably stopped buying for the same reason.

Thus, if you manage to get really relevant information from this survey and thus correct any errors, it is practically certain that you will have a very considerable impact on the conversion rate and, consequently, on the billing.

To learn more about conversion optimization (CRO):

  • eBook 19 Growth Hacking Experiments
  • A/B Test Kit

Sales, by Lucia Haracemiv

About sales, we spoke with Lucia Haracemiv, CEO of DNA Sales.


9. For a company president: listen more to the sales team

Listen to your sales force and be present in the market so you understand what your competition is doing. You will combine this with a good solution. Because a very big failure is not listening to the sales team. The marketing sometimes makes shares without listening to the sales team. This is a failure that happens in big players in several areas.

10. For a sales manager: train your team (a lot)

Thoroughly train your team from a technical and behavioral point of view. Make them believe that they deserve to hit a goal that they deserve to make money. Expand the horizons of the crowd, do very strong technical and behavioral work with your team.

The sales manager has the role of coach as if he were a sports team. Sales has a lot of emotion involved, however technical it may be. The leader has to do this job of raising the team’s morale, of making them believe that it’s possible.

11 – For a seller: evaluate your actions

Don’t stop, produce, put a customer in the funnel, don’t give up, follow up, analyze your numbers, see what type of customer you’re losing, analyze your sale step by step, get your sales strategy, each one from the phases, how you are approaching and understanding your customer, how you are researching or asking the questions, how you are presenting.

As you assess yourself and look at your conversions, you learn a lot. I learn a lot from myself, I see what’s right and what’s wrong and I’m optimizing to expand my closing potential.

To learn more about Sales:


Did you write down the quick wins? So it’s time to get your hands dirty!

Don’t just stand there like the year is over. The small actions we talked about in this post – and that you can start doing today – can yield some results and serve as a basis for bigger actions in the following year.

These actions can even help in your planning for the next year. And if you need help with that, check out our Digital Marketing Planning and Analysis Kit, available for free download, and learn how to diagnose your Digital Marketing strategy.