Buying Apartment on the Plan: The Complete Guide

Buying an apartment in Blue World City on the floor plan is a big step in anyone’s life, and that’s why it’s so important to understand the entire process that will go through.

It is always good to remember that the term launch covers properties that are still on the plant, in the construction process, in the final phase or about to be inaugurated.

We have created a complete guide to help you understand more of the steps involved in the purchase process. Good reading!

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Advantages of buying apartment on the plant

Learn about the main advantages for those who purchase a property in the plant.

Easy payment terms

The buyer of a property on the plan has more time to plan the payment of installments. Buying an apartment on the floor plan makes it possible to negotiate the payment flow, and is even more advantageous for those who have a good amount to offer as a down payment or are able to advance payments during the construction of the project.

Using our purchase calculator you can simulate your purchase potential based on the monthly income or maximum amount of installment you want to pay.

Unit choice power 

When in the launching phase of a project, you have the possibility to choose among the available units, opting for a higher floor, with the sun exposure you prefer, a view of a particular street or landscape, etc.

Customization and new installations

When purchasing a property still on the plan, the owner has the flexibility to customize and decorate the property the way he prefers, and some developers also allow larger renovations, such as knocking down walls to expand environments, for example.

And nothing better than the feeling of having a new apartment and the tranquility of not having to worry about maintenance.

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Visit to the sales stand and launch

After making the decision to buy a property in the plant, the visit to the stand is arranged with the realtor. The sales stand is created by the construction company with a favorable atmosphere for the completion of the sale, and usually has decorated apartments, models and several illustrated perspectives of the property to impress those interested.

Read on to learn more about how a real estate stand works and make the most of your visit.

How does the visit to the sales stand work?

The builders set up the sales stands so that realtors can find the client and make the proper presentation of information about the project that will be built, such as prices, payment methods, plans, delivery forecast, characteristics of the condominium and the region, between others.

With this information and interested in proceeding with the purchase, it is time to look carefully at the sales table, negotiate the values ​​and choose the unit. Along with the purchase proposal, the client must present basic documentation that will be delivered for approval by the developer company. While waiting for approval, the client receives the Descriptive Memorandum and the commission payment flow.

When the two parties are in agreement, the contract is issued, signed and the sale is completed.

Why is the stand important for those who are going to buy an apartment in the plant?

The sales stand, in addition to being a way to make the property tangible and create a favorable atmosphere for closing deals, is very important for the project’s real estate developer and developer to demonstrate more reliability and authority to future clients.

What is the launch?

The real estate launch takes place when the construction company has already acquired the documents, permits and has the Incorporation Registration in hand. The launch marks the opening of sales of a project to the public.

In this phase, the largest investments in marketing for the product take place, which disseminate all product information in various media and the sales stand is ready to offer the best experience for the customer.

Those who had already known the information in the pre-launch can finally know the decorated apartment, the sales table and all the details about the product.

As a buyer, it is a good time to negotiate terms, as the developer is seeking to raise funds for the construction of the project.

Is the decorated one worth visiting?

The decorated apartment is designed by the developer or construction company so that the client has a clearer view of the property he intends to acquire. As the purchase of the property takes place on the floor plan, the decorated helps to make the space and rooms tangible with a neat decoration.

Take advantage of the visit to walk through the rooms, check the dimensions of the floor plan and clear up any doubts that may arise with your broker. Try to imagine if your family’s needs will be met in this place and get inspired when you go to furnish and decorate your apartment.

apartment decorated in a contemporary style

Payment for a property on the plant

The best known ways to pay for a property purchased on the plant are: in cash, with real estate financing or by the consortium.

Cash payment

Undoubtedly, the most advantageous way to buy an apartment on the floor plan is to pay in cash , as the buyer does not pay interest and is able to get good discounts, especially when the deal is closed during the construction period, since the amount paid to the construction company helps to finance the works. However, there are few families that have disposable income to gather the necessary amount for a cash purchase, and that is why they often resort to real estate financing.

Real estate financing

The mortgage is the way in which the buyer makes a loan with a financial institution or the property of the contractor and pay the amount in installments within a pre-set deadline.

To make a loan, the buyer has the payment divided into two stages: before and after delivery of the keys. Initially, the down payment and installments will be paid directly to the developer or construction company during the period of the works, which last an average of 30 to 36 months.

When the project is delivered, the buyer has the option to pay the remaining amount in cash, make the financing with the construction company or a financial institution.

The main types of financing are the SFH (Housing Financial System) and the SFI (Real Estate Financial System. The first is applicable to properties valued at up to R$1.5 million and is only allowed for individuals with housing purposes. encompasses all cases in which financing that does not fit into the SFH, charges higher interest rates and is of interest mainly to those seeking properties above the allowed ceiling.

Make a real estate financing simulation and find the most suitable payment method for you.


The consortium is nothing more than a group of people who share the same objective, such as the purchase of the property, but who still do not have the necessary amount in hand. Under the responsibility of a managing company, these people organize themselves to contribute monthly with equal amounts, within a previously established period. To decide who will be able to purchase the property at each time, draws are held among the group members. If drawn, the recipient receives the full amount of the share purchased and continues making payments until the end of the period.

Another way to be contemplated is by placing the highest bid, using your own resources, the FGTS or part of the letter of credit.

Documentation required to buy an apartment on the plant

As the purchase of the property in the plant is carried out directly with the developer, the list of necessary documents is a little simpler.

Buyer’s identification documents will be requested, such as RG, CPF, birth certificate and, if applicable, marriage certificate. To ensure you have the necessary resources for the purchase, employment documents and proof of income are provided, such as recent payslips and the Income Tax Declaration.

Whoever opts for real estate financing to pay off the rest of the property must present the proposal approved by the bank. It is good to remember that the company may request other documents, depending on each case, to have more security when closing a deal.

Property purchase agreement on the plant

The moment to sign the purchase contract is one of the most important, as it formalizes the negotiation between the parties and makes clear the rights and duties of the buyer and seller. After this signature you can say that you have fulfilled your dream of owning your own home.

Some points that need to be observed in the contract so that the parties are safe:

Check the amounts and payment methods

The price to be paid for the property must be the final amount agreed, without the possibility of a later charge. This clause also includes the payment terms, down payment, the financial institution, the installments and frequency of each one, the use of other resources, etc.

Find out the correction index and interest on installments

For those who are going to buy an apartment in the plant, it is also necessary to understand the interest on installments and the correction index. In many cases, the purchase will be made with financing resources, hence the importance of knowing how much interest will be paid over time.

Waiver Clauses 

For both parties to be safe, clauses on withdrawal, breach of contract or non-payment must be included in the contract. It is common for a percentage of the property’s value to be charged or a fine will be applied to those who breach a clause, thus increasing the chances of the contract being fulfilled in full.

Property Information

The negotiated property needs to be described in detail so that the agreement is clearly closed, and, if something happens upon delivery, there is legal protection from the parties.

Some fundamental information is: the size of the property, the type, the number of rooms, its location and the registration number with the City Hall.

For those who are going to buy the apartment on the floor plan, the descriptive memorial is one of the most important documents, as it presents all the technical information about the project that will be built.

Stages of the work and how to follow up

Those who intend to buy a property in the plant are usually curious to understand what happens in the main phases of the work , in addition to the anxiety to receive the keys and prepare the move.

Read on to know a little about what happens until the keys are handed over.


The work begins with the architectural project prepared by an architect or civil engineer. Other projects needed are structural, hydraulic, electrical and telephone installations.

With the project approved by the City Hall, the budget is prepared and delivered to the construction company with an estimate of the expenses involved in the entire work.

Work Planning

Many construction companies use software to plan the work, which avoids wasting materials, optimizes labor and ensures compliance with deadlines.

Preliminary services and foundation

Before the work starts, the land is closed and the masons set up the construction site. Soil cleaning, earthworks and compaction also take place.

With the study of the soil type and construction characteristics, the composition of the foundation is determined – responsible for distributing the construction load to the soil, maintaining stability.

Structures and masonry

At this stage, the construction of the building will take place. The structural parts that provide support and give shape to the construction are installed. Afterwards, the execution of the masonry begins with the lifting of walls and ends with roughcasting and plastering, which prepares the surfaces to receive the coatings.

condominium of buildings under construction on a sunny day


An electrician is responsible for running wires, installing outlets, and turning on circuit breakers. The electrical installation is done by the plumber, who connects the sewer pipes, rainwater and street water.

Cable infrastructure for telephony, internet and television reception is also carried out in this phase.


The projects are usually delivered with tiles only in wet areas. The other environments are usually on the subfloor. In the finishes, doors, windows and glass are installed in the building.


The final finish happens with the painting of the walls and ceiling. It is common for the walls to be painted white by the construction company, so each resident is free to paint them any color they want.

Delivery of the keys

With the registration of the property and the payment of the ITBI , the construction company schedules an inspection with the owner. Before handing over the keys, the occupancy permit is issued by the city hall, which must be registered in the registration with the Real Estate Registry Office.

When the keys are handed over, a general assembly is called, where the residents vote and choose the trustee.

How to make an organized move

With the keys in hand and the apartment waiting for you, the most awaited part has arrived: making the move .

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Moving house is not an easy task, there are many things to solve, pack, transport and organize again. However, your change process can be smoother if you follow some practical tips:

plan the change

Hiring a company specialized in moving is the most recommended, especially if the distance between the properties is greater or if you cannot count on the help of family members. Have you decided to hire a company? So make budgets with a few suppliers, paying attention to information about terms, packaging, insurance and even the company’s reputation with previous customers.

For those who decided to make the change themselves, planning is even more important. With the moving date set, start packing in advance and take the smaller boxes little by little. If the family can help, schedule a day or weekend to expedite the process.

Search and sort cardboard boxes

If you want to save on packaging for the move, start paying attention to supermarkets and ask for cardboard boxes that are in good condition. And for those who are more practical, companies that make changes usually take all the material to store and protect your belongings.

List your belongings and identify the boxes

For this step you can use applications, spreadsheets or even a notebook. The important thing is to list everything that needs to be packed and then, in the new house, check that everything has arrived.

Separating the boxes by room can be more practical, as as soon as you arrive in the new space, you can leave each box in its place and organize it little by little. To make sure everything goes to the right place and that delicate items aren’t damaged by larger boxes, it’s a good idea to label or write what’s inside each box.

Take the opportunity to see what you use and make donations

Packing time can be a good opportunity to review items that you no longer use or that will no longer make sense in your new home. Clothing, shoes and accessories in good condition can be given away or even sold at thrift stores online. Furniture and appliances can also help needy families. By doing this, you help people and renew the energy of the new house.

start packing

Now that you’ve got everything you’ll need in the new house, the hardest time has come: packing everything up.

The tip here is to start with rooms, giving preference to those that have more items and are less frequented in the family’s routine, such as the living room or guest room. If you have a lot of clothes, it’s also a good time to pack everything in your suitcase, leaving out a few items for the next few days.

It’s also a good idea to leave a separate box for things you’ll need once you’ve made the move, like toothbrushes, hygiene items, towels, etc.

Once the move is complete, avoid leaving it for later and put everything in order. Start with furniture, appliances and rugs, then move on to decor items. At this point you can also decide to change some elements to make the house look like you.

Now it’s time to enjoy your new home!