Fence Company 36605 – Ability to Deliver (2022)

All some firms need a chance to deliver because they have experience and the manpower but not the luck so we at fence company 36605 not only provide this but we like to merge them into us or have a partnership because the work is much and we don’t have the resources to tackle all.


Suitability and Choice at fence company 36605:

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Maintenance in the journey like it makes no difference and as we say, we make huge importance and service for what seems better to be, the more we are bound the better risks we have and that is the things we are worried about.




Fence Installation 29412 – Arranging for the Better

We have all planned for to improve the best utility and dreams all the best that informs many who come and go in it, for example if the fence installation 29412 works fine then we ensure the promises likely to be gathered up that performs the best in it.

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Fences is our dream and we are specialists in providing you with the top class services when it comes to that, no matter who one is and how one comes to be at this, we are to settle for the best.



The generation of computers that revolutionised the IT industry

How well do you know about the current generation of computers? People are adopting the latest ways to get their work done.

Whether you are a newbie who is just learning the basics of computers or someone who has an iron grip on using the latest technology, the possibilities are endless when it comes to computer desktops and laptops because all of them have gone through many phases, which you see today.

The term “generation of computers” means the change in computer technology that was being used. The development of first to fifth generation technology has made work a lot easier as the generations of computers have become more and more advanced.

Today, technology is growing rapidly, and when you talk about the time a computer intervened, it happened in a minuscule amount of time.

There have been five generations of computers introduced, and since then, technology has taken significant steps for technological development, progressing to the fifth generation in unprecedented ways.

Let’s take a look at all the computer generations that have come out and what makes them more advanced compared to each other.

1) The first generation (from 1940 to 1966):

You will be surprised to know that the first generation of computers used vacuum tubes as a piece of technology.

The vacuum tubes were quite famous in the 1940s and were bigger components that resulted in the first generation of computers.

But these tubes took a lot of space and radiated a lot of heat, which caused some of the tubes to melt and cause errors.

The first-generation computers consisted of ENIAC, EDVAC, UNIVAC, IBM 650, IBM 701, and IBM 702.

2) The second generation (from 1956 to 1963):

The second generation of computers used transistors rather than vacuum tubes. They consume less space than the vacuum tubes.

This allowed computers to be smaller in size and easier to build. The first of the second generation was called TX-0 and included IBM 7070 transistors.

3) The third generation (from 1964 to 1971):

The third generation of computers was based upon ICs (integrated circuits) that were used to reduce the size of computers, and it was much smaller than the previous generations. It was also more advanced than the previous generations.

Most computers at the time and for the next 50 years used integrated circuits (IC), and the computers you see today have deep roots in the third generation.

4) The fourth generation (1972-2010)

The fourth generation was based on microprocessors. Intel was the first one to introduce microprocessors.

These microprocessors were merged with circuits, reducing the size of computers and making them portable.

The first fourth-generation computer was called the IBM 5100, and the Altair 8800.

5) Fifth generation (from 2010 to the present):

The fifth generation of computers was based on AI (artificial intelligence). The first laptop was made using the fifth generation. At the present time, the fifth generation has developed incredibly, making living standards higher.

The most recent example is IBM’s Watson that featured Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri with windows 8 and 10 supported in computers allowing AI to make all searches.

Area Rug Cleaning – Opportunities Arises 2022

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Roof Repair Columbia SC – Trying to do the Best 2022

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Are Instagram influencers actually profitable for marketing

It most certainly is! All you have to do now is make sure it’s the correct platform for you and your company!

Identifying your target audience is a good place to start.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What type of customer do you want to attract?
  • What are their ages?
  • What exactly do they do?
  • What are their favorite hangout spots?


Certain platforms are better suited to specific audience types. For example, Instagram’s greatest demographic (75 percent of its readership) is 18-24 year old’s. If this is also your target market, Instagram is a good place to start.

Another factor to think about is your budget. According to Influence.co, influencers with fewer than 2,000 followers paid roughly $124 each post, while those with 75,000 to 100,000 followers pay $258 per post. What is the price point for you? What is the maximum amount you are willing to spend?

If the targeting and budget make sense, make sure you choose the correct influencer to share your content and the right campaign type to get the best results for your company:


The following are some of the most popular Instagram campaigns:

  • Giveaways: You might provide your goods to the influencer so they can give it away to their audience. Set up the giveaway with your brand name in the caption so contestants can learn more about what you do if you want to boost brand recognition and grow your following.
  • Sponsored content: Your content could be featured as a post, story, or link in the influencer’s bio. It’s ideal for boosting traffic to your website or sharing a link.
  • Testimonials for your product or service: You may provide the influencer your product in exchange for an honest review. This aids in the development of customer loyalty and trust, as well as sales.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can share a referral or affiliate link with the influencer. They will receive a commission if someone purchases through their link. This could aid in product sales.

I hope you found this information useful. Please contact me if you have any other queries.


Customer Success Manager: what is and how CSM works

Understand how Customer Success Manager works and get to know RD’s entire customer service structure: customer support, implementation and success

Customer Success Manager (CSM) is the professional who performs customer service and guides them in the use of the product or service. It’s more common in subscription software (SaaS) companies, which get more results if customers use the software more and better, avoiding cancellations.

According to Lincoln Murphy , one of the biggest references in the world on the topic, Customer Success or Customer Success is “when the customer achieves the expected result through interactions with his company ”. In this way, a CS professional interacts with clients to help them achieve the business results they aspire to.

Applied to the context of DR, the role of the Customer Success Manager (or Success Manager) is to provide customer service and guide them in the development of Digital Marketing strategies, combined with the use of our tool, which aim to generate success and results.

In other words, in addition to important characteristics such as empathy, resilience and genuine concern for the customer, having experience in marketing and communication helps a lot. Knowing that you influence people and help companies grow, develop and sell more fuels Customer Success Manager.

The ideal is to use creativity to draw strategies based on the precepts of Inbound Marketing to build, gear by gear, a sales machine, only possible with the combination of Marketing and Sales.


Is there standard work experience for being a Customer Success Manager?

What is the ideal Customer Success Manager profile? This is definitely not a simple question, and in RD’s Customer Success recruitment, BlueWorld City Islamabad constantly makes you learning, adapting, and testing this profile. In our experience, there is no standard career or work experience for CSMs, an opinion shared by Client Success CEO Dave Blake as well.

Despite the growing number of professionals, the occupation is extremely new, which makes it difficult to find ready professionals in the market. So, in general, most of these profiles are still being formed in companies. In other words, there are opportunities for people from different backgrounds to develop in the area. Customer Support is a profile that you can find, in a way, more ready in the market.

Today we are certain that we have built a very valuable area, with excellent professionals with different profiles and experiences. We have searched the market for the skills necessary to compose our teams and here we provide the necessary basis for these people to develop essential Customer Success competencies — which are part of the next lesson.

The Key Skills of Customer Success Manager

According to research by the Technology Services Industry Association, the leading US association in the field of technology services, there is a trend, within the “skills” category, of 3 key elements: customer service, technology and functional knowledge.

Customer service

Communication, presentation and account management skills. “To act as an advocate for the customer in driving the best market practices and in the evolution of the company’s product or platform. Have exceptional ability to develop relationships”. Here comes empathy, resilience, listening, persuasion and the satisfaction of helping.


You need to understand the technology from a user’s perspective and help the customer identify best practices for the maximum and best-intended business use of that technology.

In addition, you need to have a deep understanding of the product and talk to customers about the features that are most relevant to their specific needs.

Functional knowledge

Arguably the most complex of the three is functional (or market) knowledge. If it’s critical to connect technology to the customer’s business, then it’s logical to assume that you’ll need to understand some of the finer points of the customer’s business, acting as a consultant to them.

Other Unwanted Skills

These three skills make a lot of sense, constituting the must-have in everyday life and in training. However, there are other elements that are generic skills, but also critical to performing well in our area of ​​CS.

  1. Curiosity, proactivity and aptitude for fast learning: today we work with a high volume of information and at a very fast pace. It takes curiosity and proactivity to go beyond training;
  2. Self-management, dealing with high volume, high pressure and targets: we have a highly dynamic environment. You have to be multitasking, able to adjust priorities on the fly  and have a lot of resilience;
  3. Problem-solving: within the area, it is necessary to anticipate problems and focus on the solution, paying attention to details;
  4. Persuasion: the dynamics of the area require the ability to engage and retain a customer. You must feel comfortable communicating and collaborating with other areas in the best interest of the client. In addition, knowing how to handle objections and give the correct direction is also essential;
  5. Analytical capability: the role of a CSM requires having the ability to look at the data and get good insights, bringing the best indications of decisions to be made and also of opportunities.

The daily life of a Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager, or Success Manager, has a portfolio of customers from different segments and business maturities. He must manage it completely, focusing on its success and, consequently, retention.

Managing a customer base is not that simple. Therefore, there are processes structured according to needs, indicators related to the health of the portfolios and numerous tools to facilitate activities. This mix goes from extensions and versions free for email and calendar online to expert system in customer service.

However, even with the best software on the market, modern telephone system and email + WhatApp at hand, we do not lose proximity to our customers and partners spread across the country. Videoconferences are our partners in this challenge, indispensable for the most important meetings.

Of course, by typing, we solve the demands with the same effectiveness, but seeing the person there in front of us, reacting to each speech, triggers a powerful effect. Never underestimate the power of a wave or smile with customers and partners.

This is the first step towards the famous Disney effect. I’m sure you won’t forget the little eared mouse, the princesses with their songs and the magic that has been with you since childhood.

Customer Success Manager does Customer Service!

Customer Service (customer service, in literal translation) is the entire structure of a company that works directly on solving customer problems with the product/service, to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. As it directly impacts customer recurrence, it is considered an extremely strategic area, receiving more attention and investments every day.

For this post, we invite professionals who work daily in the Customer Service areas of Resultados Digitais to share how our entire customer service structure works.

Starting with Agatha Sell, sharing the routine of our customer support area.

The RD Support area

Support is the area that assists customers in using or maintaining the product or service. Its expertise is service and technical knowledge, being able to support the solution of doubts, difficulties or suggestions for improvement.

It has a wide field of vision of these themes, as it is the support point of the clients. In addition, it is in contact with the Product area, which carries out the development of platforms in its areas of specialization.

Support at RD – the Heroes, as we proudly and affectionately call it here – is part of the CS (Customer Success) area. What we take most seriously around here is the quality of care: whenever we have to choose between volume or quality, we favor the second option.

Our service channels

Support is structured based on customer needs. As people are currently more interested in a quick resolution, our chat team is the one with the most agents to provide an agile and assertive experience.

We also have an email service channel, where our agents investigate cases in greater depth. The customer can contact us in whatever way he feels most comfortable.

We have a Level 2 Support team for more complex and telephone cases, the Teleheroes, to forward processes within RD.

In addition, we have a Help Center with over 700 articles in Portuguese – some articles in Spanish and English are also available. We manage and nurture it as new functionality becomes available, and update it as needed.

We recently created a forum where our customers can interact with each other to discuss solutions.

The importance of the Support area

Support is the team that is available to the customer throughout their journey within RD Station Marketing. The team’s differential starts with the selection process of candidates for the vacancy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who already has the technical knowledge, as this can be learned from our start-up and follow-up training. The important thing is the soft skills, that is: having a cultural fit and alignment with the values ​​of the RD Culture Code.

The unity of our team is what makes us so strong and motivated to work on the difficulties of daily life. Even though we have individual goals, we help each other whenever needed, we are a very cohesive and good-natured group. We understand the importance of being together, whether at parties, in moments of transition or disagreement.

Speaking from my personal experience, we are all multi-channel, but we have priorities according to our profile. So, I spend 5 hours a day in chat and the rest in email calls. I find this format interesting because it causes more empathy between agents from different channels and we have experience in both. After all, each one has its peculiarities.

I recently did training for the new Heroes and I told them that what I find most amazing about training is the learning cycle. That day they were learning. However, in a few months, they are the ones who will be sharing their technical knowledge with the new agents.

Daily life in Support

Our goal is to understand the customer’s needs. We understand that he wants to be served in an assertive, agile, respectful and cordial way. So, our routine is based on meeting this expectation.

Our priority is the services, but we have other complementary activities such as:

– Training:  the team’s agents with more time on the job offer training to the youngest; or agents who are specialists in a specific area provide training to those in need;

– Pitch-bulks:  presentations to colleagues on the most recurrent themes to review the main points that need to be addressed in the assistance;

– Central Heroes:  internal knowledge center where we share what we have learned from investigations that are not so recurrent;

– Weekly:  weekly alignment meetings;

– Categorization of appointments: we classify our appointments by theme to generate statistics on the topics that appear the most;

– Shadow: When a new agent joins the team, he has a “shadow”, which is the person who assists him in internal processes and initial care.

Our Challenges and Rewards

The bar here is high and it is certainly not an easy task to work daily with customer service, even more helping to solve problems. We have contact with different types of audiences (people who work in the company’s marketing, developers, etc.) and with different levels of digital maturity. We need to have the resilience to resolve difficulties and adapt to each language.

There are times when we are faced with a demand from customers beyond what was expected. However, in these cases, we are advised to choose the quality of service and not the volume of customers served. And the team management is following this variation for the possible hiring of new Heroes.

But there are also great rewards! For example, seeing that we are one of the main points of contact with customers and noticing that we help them on a daily basis. In addition, we are part of the group that makes the small and medium-sized Digital Marketing market grow and consolidate. And, I could not fail to add, it is very gratifying to see your team developing, reaching its individual and group goals.

We believe that, today, we are able to provide an agile, assertive and quality service to our customers. However, we are aware of the need for continuous improvement on all these fronts.

As we talk to customers on a daily basis, we are able to capture their suggestions for improvement and send them to the teams responsible for the features – so that they can be analyzed and, if feasible, included in the roadmap.

One of our most inspiring examples is our dear client Thelma, who convinced her boss to stick with her plan with RD by showing the value of our platform and because she loves our Support too much.

Now get to know a little about our Implementation area, by Adriana Balbino .

How the Implementation area in Customer Service works

What a delicious mix of anxiety and happiness! I just acquired the system I’ve been dreaming about for months… After researching, analyzing the proposals, saving money to get my project off the ground, here I am, ready  to access this wonder for the first time! Okay, but now I want to know, where do I start?

Did you identify with this scene? Well, me too! I’m sure you’ve been through this, whether it’s hiring a service, buying a product, arriving somewhere you’ve never been before…

Anxiety and excitement were taking over until you logged into the system, opened the product box, or arrived at the location you wanted. What came next? In my case, in all scenarios, the feeling of “cool, now what do I do? How do I do? Where do I find answers?”

That’s why I never do without instruction manuals, the services of “Didn’t find what you were looking for? Click here” , tourist guide with images listing and explaining why to visit each point.

In the world of SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, where Resultados Digitais is inserted, this process is known as onboarding. Here at RD, for onboarding, we have the Implementation team – which guides customers in their first steps with RD Station Marketing.

You may be wondering why someone needs implementation if you’ve read all the emails André Siqueira sent after downloading some of our materials or followed the entire step-by-step process when you accessed RD Station Marketing for the first time.

Come with me and I’ll tell you everything!

Click “begin”

The CS (Customer Success) core of Resultados Digitais encompasses several areas, including Implementation, which I am proud to be part of!

The area has two teams of implementers that serve each new RD Station Marketing customer. Also, in some cases, people who already used RD Station in another company, hire RD for the new company they are in and come back for another implementation.

Did you find it weird or did you think that “if someone already knows how to work with RD Station Marketing, it doesn’t need implementation?” I’ll explain later why implementation remains important even in this scenario.

Let’s get back to the delicious mix of anxiety and happiness you’re feeling when you hire RD Station Marketing. After all, it’s not just a platform, it’s your chance to: sell more, have your brand recognized in the market, kick-start Digital Marketing, capture all your contacts and be able to find them in one place!

You didn’t just hire RD Station Marketing, you hired the means to achieve everything you want!  So you log into your account for the first time and… Well, you want to do everything you can for yesterday, perhaps not knowing exactly where to start. And at that time, from the delicious mixture of anxiety and happiness, you start to have the delicious mixture of happiness, hurry and need for answers.

What happens then?

Perfect, it’s scheduled

The Sales team already said that someone would call you to schedule your first implementation meeting. The cell phone rings and you receive the long-awaited call. The Account Manager, responsible for implementing RD Station Marketing with you and your company, introduces himself and you set up your first meeting via videoconference…. Okay, your implementation has just started!

From the moment the customer signs the contract until the call to schedule the first implementation meeting, the Account Manager has already been informed of how the sales process took place, who will be the person or people who will participate in the meetings and who the company is . As a good practice, it consulted its website, opened the agenda and identified the closest day and time for the meeting to take place as soon as possible.

Also because this moment is very similar to buying a car or a new cell phone. You have the key in your hand and the car is in the garage, you can’t wait to put it on the road; or take your cell phone out of the box and start exploring everything it can offer you. What prevents you from starting the car, making your first call and, if so, creating your first pop-up? Nothing! But a little help is always good, isn’t it?


Your company has just gained a partner!

Now that you know that Resultados Digitais has an Implementation area, that the Account Manager has already scheduled the first meeting and that you are accessing RD Station Marketing daily to achieve your goals, I will tell you a little more about this area and the day to day of the professional who belongs to it.

If my mother or someone in my family asks me what I do, I always ask:

Do you know when you opened your email for the first time and asked me for help writing the message? Or when you changed your cell phone and said you didn’t know how to handle anything else and I helped you find what you needed? Didn’t you need my help a few times until you felt safe to do the same thing every day by yourself? So that’s what I do as an Implementation Manager!

The Implementation area has the role of understanding the customer’s goals with RD Station Marketing: how is the customer’s company’s current sales process, how he imagines that the platform will help him achieve his goals, what are the biggest difficulties he has.

In the first meeting with the client I always say:

You’ve hired an implementation and it’s not a closed box where I’ll just tell you where to click. I’m asking you all these questions because they will define how your implementation will be. I will be part of your business, together we will design a strategy that makes sense to you and from it I will show you how to put it into practice in RD Station Marketing.

Scenario Mapping

The Implementation area is the first contact that the client will have with Resultados Digitais and RD Station Marketing, simultaneously. This moment is magical, unique and extremely surprising for both sides.

There are customers who already knew the platform, there are others who expected the Account Manager to just say where to click, there are those who did not expect to draw their first Digital Marketing strategy in the first meeting and others who never fired a single Email Marketing.

For all of them, there is an Account Manager ready to provide the best experience possible, prepared to listen and turn every word into action within RD Station Marketing.

The Implementation area at Digital Results is a bridge with all other areas of the company.

We are the next step in the Sales area before the customer is feeling secure and ready to talk about long-term strategies with their Success Manager. We are responsible for understanding how the customer is using the platform and communicating to the Product area about this usability, as well as knowing firsthand about a new tool that will be launched. After all, we will have to help the customer understand it.

We Represent the client within the results of Digital Results and we are the Digital Results in the customer’s company.

Reaping the results

How and why did I end up on the Implementation team? I have a degree in Advertising and Propaganda with an emphasis on Marketing, that is, a communicator. Needless to say, how much I enjoy communicating with people, right? But that’s not all: I found myself working in technology companies and saw that I didn’t need a degree in Computer Science or anything like that to work in the field.

I have always been systematic, organized, willing to help people and willing to listen to them. I discovered that these were fundamental qualities to work in the Implementation area.

The world of technology is constantly changing, an excellent opportunity for the curious – like me – who seek to learn something new daily. In the Digital Results Implementation team, we are true project managers. It is essential that we are organized and have the ability to manage multiple clients simultaneously. We need to help people and be motivated to solve problems, looking for answers outside the box.

For all that, the Implementation area brought together the best of me. Enjoy following processes and be able to customize and innovate with each implementation. Enjoy talking to people and know how to listen to them to design the best solution together with RD Station Marketing. Knowing how to follow the scheduled appointments and being able to make the schedule more flexible according to the client’s needs. Wanting to learn something new daily with resilience for when a new challenge arises.

Customer Feedback

And seeing this reflected in the results of the clients makes me proud to be part of their implementation moment. See two customer feedbacks that made me very happy, and are part of the reward for my work:

Estêvão Soares: “The coolest thing about onboarding was that Adriana went beyond the basics and brought strategies and didn’t just bother to show details of the tool that she knew I could learn on my own.”

Diego Costa, who had used RD Station before and said at the first implementation meeting: “Very cool Adriana, sorry to cut you, I thought this implementation would be, Diego, the tool has A, B, C, D… But no , and your implementation milestone is really cool, I wasn’t even prepared for all of this, I thought it would just be a brief explanation about the tool, I was bored before I even started because hey, how to use the tool basically I know, I’m very happy!”

Upon seeing and listening to each of these words, I am sure of the differential in the implementation of Resultados Digitais and that I did a great job with the client, who will now continue to be monitored by the Success Manager.

The Customer Success area

Every company that offers a product or service wants its customers to succeed. Imagine, now, an entire sector of a company dedicated exclusively to customers, with specialists focused on delivering more and more results. And all this based on a solid and growing service methodology around the world.

Did you imagine?

So, you envisioned the Customer Success area, also known as Customer Success! The main responsible for delivering a good experience with a focus on results to the most valuable part of any company: the customer.

Through personalization in service and with the proposal to guide the consumer to the desired result, this area of ​​expertise was on a LinkedIn list as one of the 10 most promising professions of 2019 in the United States.

The Customer Success area in RD

At Digital Results, this is the company’s largest area. Divided between serving partner agencies and direct clients, our Customer Success team has more than 150 professionals. All are dedicated to the successful delivery of each interaction, 89 of which are aimed at serving direct customers.

With a focus on customer retention and revenue expansion, we are the link between the consumer and our platform. Or, as we say here, “we are non-participating partners”. Plus, we’re certified by the Winning by Design methodology, so we deliver impact!

For direct clients, we have 6 teams made up of Success Managers, the professionals responsible for managing a portfolio that contains, on average, 125 companies. In addition to a system for managing clients, we have team rituals for monitoring metrics, such as Kanban, and our decisions are based on data (data-driven ).

And in practice, what does a Customer Success Manager do?

I’m one of RD’s Success Managers and I’m going to tell you about my daily life here. To manage a customer base and carry out my daily tasks, I need organization. And for that, I have a well-structured schedule.

Reserving time for every action in my day to day is essential. Holding meetings with clients, managing the email inbox, analyzing client information and planning my schedule for the following week are the main points of this organization.

See an example of my schedule on a normal day:

9:00 – I start my day around 9 am, preparing for my first meeting of the day;

9:30 / 10:30 – Online meeting with client addressing strategies and reviews of recent contacts, designing the next steps with RD Station Marketing ;

10:30 / 10:40 – Filling in the meeting information in a customer management tool;

10:40 / 11:00 – Preparation for the next meeting, diagnosis and data analysis;

11:00 / 12:00 – Second client meeting of the day;

12:00 / 13:00 – Lunch Time;

13:00 / 14:00 – Carrying out team rituals such as Kanban, general team meetings to monitor the main individual, team and area metrics.

14:00 / 14:30 – Preparation for the third meeting with clients of the day;

14:30 / 15:30 – Third meeting with the client of the day;

15:30 / 16:00 – Filling in the meeting information in a customer management tool;

16:00 / 17:30 – Contact by phone and emails to clients to schedule the next meetings, planning the following week;

17:30 / 18:30 – Time to answer customer emails, internal emails and organize the inbox;

18:30 / 18:45 –  End of the day.

Arranging the routine

Despite having an organized schedule, not all my days are the same. Each of them contains a different challenge and the demands that arise change the order of some tasks. After all, the fact that we have pre-determined times in the agenda is not intended to freeze the operation.

In fact, the idea is to have greater control in order to be flexible and adapt what is necessary within the routine.

The main task – which demands greater commitment, quality and attention – is to hold meetings with clients. Each contact is fundamental and allows me to study different business models, diversified strategies, tips and market numbers for each company I interact with. My goal is to put RD Station Marketing in every consumer’s routine.

It is a great responsibility to actively participate in each company’s Digital Marketing strategies and use of RD Station Marketing. After all, their result is our result.

The growth of our customers impacts the generation of jobs, evolution and development of markets in different segments throughout Brazil. In fact, in the world, as we have customers in more than 20 countries and we continue to grow.

Customers who use RD Station Marketing in their routine, with the support of meetings with a Success Manager, have a great opportunity to apply our Growth Machine methodology and grow exponentially as our main success cases.

Area challenges and rewards

Our Customer Success area works to educate and develop the market while evolving our own customer base. We do this by generating the content, benchmarking and applying our methodology so that all consumers have an appropriate experience, with recurring results.

I’ve served more than 200 clients from many different segments, such as e-commerce, real estate, gyms, franchises, schools and software companies for everything you can imagine.

In addition to the opportunity to apply my knowledge and learn more and more, as a Success Manager, I have the opportunity to meet many amazing people from different companies. Each one of them has its profile, form of communication and speed of evolution. This makes my communication skills improve every day and allows me to have fantastic customer service experiences.

Customer success is not just about satisfaction, it’s about results. Each new customer that is received by our area has a new journey where everyone involved has the same objective.

Always seeking to evolve best practices and applying our methodology, the Customer Success team continues to grow and impact more and more customers.

Results Digitais partner agencies also “join the game”, which is why we also have a dedicated Customer Service structure for them. Let’s meet Camila Nunes ?

How RD’s CS Partners area works

The CS for Partners area is quite complex, the service is dedicated to marketing agencies that join the RD Partnership Program. We have three areas that work in supporting partners: Implementation Success, Partner Success and Farmers – the latter is part of the core of the sales, so I won’t go into detail in this post.

For an agency to become a partner, it is necessary to fulfill some requirements, such as having a portfolio of recurring clients and selling the Inbound Marketing strategy. The program offers a number of benefits, in addition to commissioning for new sales of the RD Station tool.

It is a very important area for the business strategy of Resultados Digitais, as it is a scalable way for us to reach more markets and segments.


When an agency becomes a partner, it goes through an implementation, known here as Engage. It is training for the partner to achieve results with Inbound Marketing for its customers.

This consultancy consists of 7 meetings, where we deal with the strategy of a specific client. Ideally, the partner agency is ready to replicate the strategy with other clients.

Those responsible for this implementation are the ISMs or Implementation Managers. The team is small, but the responsibility is big: in 6 months, partners need to be certified and able to deliver concrete results with the strategy.

Now it’s up to the Success Managers

After Engage, the partners move on to the PCSs service, a team of which I am a very proud part! Each PCS, or Success Manager, serves a portfolio of around 50 partners that, together, add up to an average of 250 accounts.

Our goal is to ensure that partners are able to continue delivering results for their clients and also scale the agency’s business.

Here the team is bigger: we have two teams totaling 16 managers. The demand is great, as we deal with different sizes of agencies and each one has its peculiarities. We serve agencies with 1-person teams up to gigantic teams; that provide complete inbound services to those that only provide consultancy.

Work routine

I started writing about the CSS routine and realized that we don’t have one. I mean, we even have it, but never a day is the same, and this is our rhythm. Our goals, very well defined by our Operations team, are the guide for us to manage our activities. The main ones are as follows:

  • We carry out strategic monitoring of our partners’ customers, constantly analyzing the results achieved;
  • We hold monthly meetings with partners and together define an action plan to optimize deliveries;
  • We intermediate different situations involving other areas;
  • We participate in training, internal meetings and actions for technical and personal development.

All of this is always focused on offering a better experience to our partners and guaranteeing the delivery of results for our clients.

This self-management of activities is possible because the team is very mature and co-participant: we are always asking questions and exchanging experiences. The atmosphere is relaxed, which is great for smoothing out the days with many demands – always in line with RD’s Culture Code.


This word has already become a cliché, but it is the one that best defines the profile of those who work as CS. We are resilient and we are able to undergo constant change. Whether in the operation, goals, team, management and also because of the different profiles of agencies with which we are in contact on a daily basis.

I could make a big list of the structure changes I’ve lived in these 2 and a half years as CS, and multiple partner profiles that I’ve managed here at RD. We are pioneers in CS service in Brazil. However, we are aware that there is a long way to go in the SaaS market. And, to evolve, more changes will come and we will always adapt.

Worth it?

The CS area for channels is extremely new and, as I mentioned, the certainty is that we will evolve. This scenario of constant change and multitasking seems a bit chaotic and stressful. However, it is motivating when we manage to empower our partners with strategic knowledge to replicate the results in the market in which they operate. It’s worth the challenge that drives us and we still learn a lot – something new every day!

But the main thing is the real impact our work can have on people’s lives, dreams, businesses and the gratitude we receive! I have separated two statements from partners about the service provided by colleagues here on the team, they were taken from the satisfaction survey that we sent after the meetings:

“We’ve already had good CSs working with Salsa , like Schirle  Fraga or Rafael, who were great with us. Likewise, the contact and partnership we have developed with Isabela has been excellent. (…) Furthermore, she has not only been monitoring the bills, but also resolving all the other requests that we ended up passing on to her, always being fast, efficient and attentive.”  Cauê, Salsa Agency

“Felipe is very helpful whenever we need him. We end up discussing several points to reach a common denominator, both to meet the demands of our clients and to help the agency in this turbulent day-to-day that we have. Felipe demonstrates a lot of knowledge and manages to convey this clearly and always with great sincerity and openness.”  Gisele, Job Content Agency 

A Final Testimony

I separated a statement from partner Maurício, from Tribo agency, about the importance of the CS area for his business. He also talks about how the manager Cristian, a fellow member of the team, is able to help him:

For me, CS is fundamental in the relationship and engagement between companies. I can use as an example Cristian Ross’ service, my CS within RD. In addition to helping me with the quality of delivery to my customers, he can customize actions and service for each one. As he brings the experience of other accounts, he is able to see some problems I may be facing and is able to apply – and help me apply – the best actions so that this customer is satisfied. With that, he manages to generate empathy and we manage to accelerate the results.

This vision and personalization makes me and helps me to retain current customers and opens many paths for new ones. I get a lot more ideas and arguments with new customers because we’re applying different things all the time to current customers. For me, this personalized service has helped me to reach levels at the agency that I thought would take a lot longer. Today, my satisfaction with RD has 100% to do with Cristian’s impeccable work!

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Personal broker: what is your role in the real estate market?

The real estate profession has many characteristics. One of them is the ability to adapt to new developments in the real estate market, making it always very relevant for people interested in real estate. One of the novelties that has been drawing the attention of these professionals is the concept of “personal broker”.


It is a variation of the performance of the traditional real estate broker, with the objective of serving clients with high purchasing power and who demand great efficiency in negotiations.

So that you can understand what this topic is about, we have prepared a complete article on the subject. Read through to the end and discover every detail about the role of the personal broker in the real estate market.

Personal broker: a professional who sells luxury

It is important to clarify that the personal broker operates in an extremely restricted market: luxury real estate. Therefore, to start and work in this segment, it is important to know what a high-end property is.

Luxury properties have some characteristics, we will list them below.

Good neighborhood

A luxury property needs to be surrounded by properties of the same standard like Lahore Smart City Therefore, a large house in a middle-class neighborhood, no matter how spacious and luxurious, may not attract the attention of an investor who hires a personal broker.

This type of customer places a lot of value on the neighborhood, demanding that their property be surrounded by residents of the same social class. It is an understanding of status.

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A high-standard property has a good location.  It is no secret to any realtor that this characteristic influences the value of properties. Just check the neighborhoods that have the most expensive square meter to understand this concept. Generally, these neighborhoods have excellent infrastructure, in addition to architectural projects that make the residents’ experience more pleasant.


A client looking for a personal broker requires privacy during the entire negotiation. This feature is also required for the property that will be sold.

Therefore, aspects such as the description of professionals working in the condominium, the interaction between neighbors and the possibility of outsiders having access to what happens inside the properties must be evaluated.

Property project

The properties must have projects signed by talented and recognized architects in the market. The decoration must follow logic. The ideal is to work with professionals who have already presented their projects at events such as Casa Cor, for example. The investor in luxury real estate values ​​spacious, technological and beautiful environments.


Luxury property as a financial investment

Any broker understands that buying a property is equivalent to investment. However, the personal broker needs to master information about the real estate market.

This is necessary because your client doesn’t just want a house to live in with his family, he wants a property that adds value to his equity. This public already has professionals who do their financial analysis and give investment tips, therefore, the personal broker must be a specialist in the real estate market that will add strength to other people.

Therefore, this broker must know basic aspects about investments in high-end properties, such as:

Appreciation above average

Luxury properties tend to have a higher appreciation than properties with a lower value. This is because they operate in a restricted market, which reduces the offer of this type of product.

In addition, these properties use top-notch materials in their finishing, in many cases imported, and this also adds value to the property.

Added to these characteristics is the fact that the location and size of properties act as an engine that drives the gain in value, as these properties and land are of interest to different segments of the public, from construction companies, governments and other clients with great purchasing power.

In addition, passive income generated by luxury real estate can be an excellent source of income because some people prefer to pay large rents, living in high-end property, than buy one.

A personal broker must know all these facts about the market in which they want to operate and be aware of the changes that occur.

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Characteristics of a personal broker

In addition to in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, which can only be achieved after a few years of experience, other qualities are expected from a personal broker, for example:

Efficient network of contacts

One way to win good deals for your customers is to have contacts in different areas, as this can help you solve customer problems, such as presenting a list of talented decorators, companies that can do renovations, and so on.

In addition, the network of contacts is essential to gain new customers. One tip is to follow the social columns in your city to begin to understand the habits of people who buy luxury real estate.

True appreciation for refinement

It is no crime for a realtor to think that the needs of the wealthier public are futile, however, it does mean that this realtor is not ready to act as a personal broker.

A personal broker must like to talk — and study — about this luxury market, they need to understand how valid the demands of their customer are.

Appreciation for your image

A personal broker works with your image. This means that these professionals must be careful with the way they present themselves, wearing well-cut clothes that are appropriate for the events they participate in. 

However, the main point that deserves your attention is its credibility. As it is a very restricted market, the personal broker cannot disappoint a client, as this can seriously damage their image.

Financial planning

Despite closing deals with high values, this professional’s commission is not usually above 2% of the sale price. Besides, it’s not every day you sell a mansion, is it?

Therefore, the personal broker needs to be careful with your personal finances so as not to pay to work.

Respect for the time of the client and his advisors

One of the reasons that makes a person look for a personal broker is not having the time (and not the will) to visit real estate. Therefore, this client outsources the task to this broker. Normally, the personal broker will only talk to secretaries and advisors, so visits need to be objective.

Focus on personalization

All this objectivity must result in the customization of the business. Therefore, the personal broker has to devote time to listening and understanding the investor’s needs.

As we saw in this article, the personal broker is a segmented version of real estate brokerage. It is a new way of operating in the market and should be evaluated by professionals who identify with the luxury market.

If you liked this article about personal broker, share it with your broker friends. Are they aware of this news?